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The Political Mantra ( राज राजनीति का ) is the Best Political Consulting firm in India. We provide you the best essential services that are a pillar of winning any election like website creation, election management, poster design, social media handlingDoor-to-Door campaign, Panna Parmukh, Manifesto, and strategy building that will ensure your election-winning. Our strategy and services are solely based on data facts and experts in that particular field. Our aim is to provide you support so that you can win the election race through 360 degrees strategic Election Campaign Management service.

We offer a variety of services to our clients

Website Development

Having a stunning website is a key factor when you are contesting elections in this technological era. The Political Mantra offers complete website development services from Domain purchasing, website design, logo creation, website development, hosting, and website management.

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Poster Design

Do you need a premium quality poster for your campaign? The Political Mantra has a talented designer who can generate dozens of unique election posters for your Political campaign. When you are contesting an election eye-catching poster will help you to connect with voters.

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Content and Slogan writing

Communication is the key to win an election. The Political Mantra gathered together an unbeatable team of political speechwriters to tell You the secrets of winning a crowd and winning an election by writing your speech. And also crowd-pulling slogans that will ensure your victory.

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Door-To-Door Campaign

The Door-To-Door campaign is an essential factor when you want to win an election with surety. The Political Mantra will help you with manpower support and customized surveys for collecting valid contact information of voters, to ensure the wide reach of candidates.

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Social Media Management

In this digital era without social media, winning elections is next to impossible. The Political Mantra will create and manage your different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. We have a very unique way of approaching social media management.

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Election Management

The Political Mantra will help you with (a) We collect mobile numbers of the voters and reaching out to them on a regular basis using Bulk SMSing and In-Voice calls . (b) In-depth study of selected booths of the constituency to measure the pulse of the voters.

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Booth Level Management

To win an election you need a strong strategy to reach every voter in the right way. we have a unique approach of creating Panna Parmukh and different levels of leaders to manage the whole constituency. We have a different style of functioning Panna Parmukh.

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Election Manifesto

If you are serious about Politics you must have a solid Election Manifesto. We create  Manifesto by using the Panna Parmukh database which is based on our unique prototype. By this method, we will deliver you the Best Election Manifesto that includes all the aspects required to win an election.

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Strategy Building

When we gathered data we create a strategy to influence the decision-making progress. In democracies, political campaigns with the right strategy are the key factors in winning an election. Our strategy will be solely based on data analysis of candidates, constituencies, voters, and different parameters.

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