A computer scientist from Nit Durgapur explains how data science is transforming Indian Politics

Data science revolutionized the way politicians win elections. Because of data driven approach, the party with the old mindset and a less skilled in data driven is suffering.”

To learn more about how data and good strategy help to win any election we will talk about  key things in Indian politics.

1. The Amit Saha and BJP factor –

Whoever has a little bit knowledge of politics they are going to agree with me on this topic that when it is a matter of winning and transforming the election process Amit Saha had done a tremendous job. If you watch closely about his strategy like booth to booth strategy, Panna Parmukh, and election ticket distribution you will find that he is using data and statistics for taking any decision and making any strategy. He has a great understanding of past election data and human behaviour as Hindutva and Nationalist that’s why he has huge success than other people. That’s why he is called “Morden day Chanakya”.

2. The Prashant Kishor factor –

As you get the sense till now that data-driven approach is a good strategy in the modern era of Indian Politics. So let’s talk about how it all started in India. It was just before the 2014 election when Amit Saha, Modi and Prashant Kishor were working together to win the 2014 Lok sabha election. After that, this trend started in Indian political parties they started hiring Political consulting companies, focusing more on branding and all other things by taking insight from data.

3. Arvind Kejriwal and Mamta Didi election –

These two elections are great examples of how with data and great strategy you can defeat Chanakya also (Amit saha). These two elections were managed by Prashant Kishor the founder of IPAC who had started this data based politics. As he worked closely with BJP he knows the weakness of them and that’s why when he formulated the strategy he used them. And you know the result Arvind Kejariwal and Mamta Di won the election with a huge number.

4. Congress and Gandhi Pariwar

So till now at least once you had thought that if the data-driven strategy is so strong then why congress is loosing from 2014. You thought it right data-driven approach is best without any doubt. But you have the follow the output also. otherwise, there is no use of data and strategy. Just for example In the 2017 UP election when Prasant Kishor was managing congress UP election and Congress’s best-laid plans in Uttar Pradesh elections at risk from the rift between poll strategist Prashant Kishor and local leaders. Prashant Kishor’s team was excluded from reaching out to backwords classes and framing booth level strategies. Even they didn’t consider Priyanka Gandhi’s
introduction as CM face in the UP election and the result was congress lost very badly.

so here is the way forward

Data science used in campaigns to identify their most likely voters and target them with ads and favorable content. The result, increasingly, is that candidates talk only to voters disposed to agree with them, as opposed to persuading those who don’t. Mobilizing likely supporters is “faster and far less expensive than persuading their neighbors.” So that’s what campaigns do: ignore the center and concentrate on the most fervent supporters.

Writer – Rahul Kumar Kuldeep (BTech Computer Science – Nit Durgapur)

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