Booth level election management plan and what are responsibiltes of Pannah Parmukh

Panna Parmukh

A candidate can’t connect with every voter in every constituency at every level so here comes the role of deserialization of the election campaign. Panna Parmukh is the influencer person in a particular area and who can work for you. We give them responsibility for 50-100 people to vote for candidates. This is the most powerful strategy. Every party is using it at the grass-root level. BJP’s won the maximum election just because of this Panna Pamukh strategy. One kahawat is “Akela chana bhaad nahi phod payega” .

How to choose Panna Parmukh.

The number of people can vary based on the situation and election. Generally, we are following these criteria –
1. One Panna Parmukh work and manage 50-100 voters.
2. One booth could have 16-20 Panna Parmukh.
3. We choose Panna Parmukh based on influence in society and who can work for you. His character should be good and he should be respectful. But Influencer and willingness to work are the most important criteria.
Booth Parmukh – After creating Panna Parmukh we combine 16-20 Panna parmukh and form a Booth Parmukh.
Sector Parmukh – After Combining 16-20 booths form a sector and their Parmukh named Sector Parmukh.
Mandal Parmukh – 12-15 Sector forms a mandal and we assign a Mandal Parmukh there.
Leader / Constituency Parmukh -There are 4-6 mandal in a constituency and after binding them together it forms a constituency. and in case of the state election, the candidate is main Parmukh their.

Here is a flow chart of all stages –

Voter (50-100) —> Panna Parmukh(16-20) —> Booth Parmukh(16-20) —> Booth Parmukh(16-20) —> Mandal Parmukh(12-15) —> Sector Parmukh(4-6) —> Constituency Parmukh (Leader).
How to give responsibility to Panna Parmukh –
We give them a list of 50-100 voters and asked them to collect their data for future strategy making. We collect data related to (a) Religion, caste (b) Age, gender, location, salary (c) Their problems (d) Voting behaviour, education (e) Burning issue (f) Last leader problem.
When we will able to identify needs, interests and concerns then we can formulate a strategy to fulfil their expectation.
We change this parameter based on region and leader. We formulate a strategy based on the data input we get.

Election manifesto –

So after taking data from Panna Parmukh we create a manifesto for our party/leader. and we highlight these issues in rallies and general discussions. How effectively we will communicate ( talk about voter ) we can build a wave in favour of our candidate.

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