Corona virus in india and prevention

Political Mantra

Assumption of maximum Indian , India will probably not see the worst of the infection, or we will be able to get away just by handwashing. Well, that reminds me of a childhood story, “When a pigeon sees a cat, it closes its eyes. That way, It assumes that since the pigeon can’t see the cat, the cat does not exist.”
Don’t be delusional; all the countries of the world are on the same path. It takes for any infection, a specific time, and a minimum no of infected people to start a chain reaction, and once that happens, there is no stopping it. The time from the first infection to the thousandth, from first death to the thousandth, is the same in each country, not even a single exception. India is where Italy was three weeks back,

Current National efforts

As of now, our national efforts have been focussed on finding symptomatic individuals of any age and to self quarantine them. Checking people for fever and running a handwashing and social isolation campaign.

If we believe the data, the virus is much more spread out in the young population even before the first casualty. Probably behind one death, there are more than 10000 asymptomatic adults in the population and in multiple cities.

Now is the time to rethink how screening at the airports will be enough when a lot of our under 30 population is already infected. If we have all diagnosed cases in hospital than why is the infection increasing? Should we be really going after each diagnosed case with all the agencies?

So please guys be careful