Undersatnd the stages of coronavirus that you should know about. Which stage is India at?

corona virus

Understand the stages of coronavirus

Stage 1 of coronavirus

Stage 1 indicates the stage where the infection is only limited to those who have traveled to virus hit countries and have tested positive.
Stage 2 of coronavirus
Stage 2 indicates when the infection is locally transmitted. The transmission is either from those who are close to the family of the infected patient or the people he or she has come in contact with. In this case, the source of the infection is known and can be located.

Stage 3 of coronavirus

Stage 3 refers to community transmission where the source of the infection can no longer be identified. When a region is considered at Stage 3, it means that a person can test positive even when there is no exposure to the infected person or any foreign traveling patient.
Stage 4 of coronavirus
Stage 4 is when the disease is considered an epidemic and there is a severe outbreak.
As per expert India is moving toward 3rd stage of coronavirus
Please be safe

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