What is “One nation One Election”

It is really a great move by our Honorable Prime minister. Here is a few reason why I am in the support of this move.
1. Save Taxpayer money:-
As we know in our country every year there is lots of election is happing. And for conducting these election required lot’s money and if there will One election and same time for state and Center then we can save money of Loksabha election and we have to only spend money once that will be equal to the money of Rajyasabha Election.
2.Diversion of security :-
In the time of election there need lots of security forces to conduct fair election so if it will continue in the whole year then the police will waste lots of time in these state and central election and there main work will be secondary and if there will one election and together then they can do best in their duties for protecting citizens and maintaining law and order.
3. Government staff:-
Every time when there is any election lots of government employee and teacher are putting their for duties in the election because of many election happing whole five years their work and responsibility are also got affected. So if there will one election then it will good for civilians also.
4.Better development for country:-
Because of the code of conduct if there are any important policy that should be implemented early but if once election is announced government could do anything about that policy and after the election, if suppose there is the election in another state also then it will effect our country badly in term of development. And if there will be only one election then there will be no problem in implementing because it is just matter of few days ( hardly one month) after that any policy can be implemented and there will be more chance of implementing new policies and growth of our country.
Even though there is some problem in this like if due to any problem there is condition for re-election then that state should wait for that time.
So according to me, so if these issues are solved then it’s very beneficial for our country in both short and long run.
Thanks and Regards
Rohit Kuldeep
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